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see pussy et al
Check out that smokin' milf! I'd like to get a taste of her whisker biscuit...
מאת crankshaft 12 במרץ, 2004
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slang for a womans vagina,with 1-2 days worth of stubble, nonetheless a tasty treat.

"Damn my face is raw today, I was eatin a bitch out and her whisker biscuit tore the shit out of my face."
מאת Tank178 6 באוקטובר, 2005
Female genitalia
I bet you she's got a damn good-lookin whisker biscuit when she takes those little panties off.
מאת Claude Henry Smoot 27 בנובמבר, 2002
I got a little whisker biscuit last night
מאת Anonymous 18 ביולי, 2003
A vagina.
Man that girl Amy really likes it when I put my beef sock into her whisker biscuit.
מאת SheckieZx 2 במאי, 2010
the muff, a woman's crotch, usually with pubic hair, the bush
The old bag came parading out of the bathroom wearing nothing more than her whisker biscuit.
מאת costinalot 10 בספטמבר, 2010
a woman's vagina
Damn, she has a hot whisker biscuit
מאת furbisq 26 בנובמבר, 2009

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