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to undertake a risky journey or action.
Myers and Jones is a joint venture.
I ventured eating at Miffy's
מאת hans huizenga 15 באוגוסט, 2006
To leave everything and go somewhere without knowing anyone
That man venture somewhere
מאת Rayhant 20 באפריל, 2016
low quality
Those runners are so venture dude! Where did you get them? Zellers?
מאת VelcroStraps 17 במאי, 2011
sick brand makes trucks and other parts.
i got new ventures on my deck.
מאת crazygtrider6669 7 באפריל, 2006
To be extraordinarilly lame. To think one's self as cool when they are really lame. To sit back and not take risks. Very boring.
Man that kid who is sleeping is so Venture.
מאת Mad Haxor 84 28 בספטמבר, 2006
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