she has a nice ass
guy: wow look at Tea, she has a nice ass
מאת jesuses dick 30 בספטמבר, 2013
A tasty brewed brown plant water.
Tom: Whatcha doing?

Jenny: Making tea.

Tom: Cool, I was in the mood for some plant water.
מאת peacewolf101 28 בינואר, 2012
Great stuff that nearly even British person is addicted to... including me. It doesn't really help your thirst, albeit it makes you thirstIER!
Janice: God, I love tea!
Samantha: Yeah I know! My husband Paul got me addicted to it!
מאת Paper Heart 8 באפריל, 2009
very juicy and tasty gossip
"girl you hear about that boy who got old girl pregnant?
"what girl no give me the tea"
מאת jezzybell 7 בדצמבר, 2013
When it is spelled with a capital letter, without needing one, in the middle of the sentence, it is most likely a reference to anal sex.
"Would you like some Tea, miss?"
מאת Mr.Underscore. 29 בנובמבר, 2012
Baby gravy
The tea party last night was so messy there was tea everywhere.
מאת Lion/of/Destiny 31 ביולי, 2010
what a true wodongian calls dinner
hey mom, whats for tea?
מאת truewodongian 18 ביוני, 2009

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