the only thing powerful enough to kill steve irwin
stingrays > crocodiles
#australia #reef #barrier #rednecks #idiots
מאת Mr. Jojo 20 בספטמבר, 2006
The act of a man laying face down on his stomach and flipping his penis between his legs in order to receive fellatio.
Oh my god, this girl is such a freak! She finished me off with a stingray.
#blowjob #felllatio #mind blowing #awesome #sexy
מאת Mick Slicky D 22 ביולי, 2013
Being blammed or repremanded for something that a member of your social group has done.
Being stereotyped for the transgressions of your culture, generation, gender etc. and being punished for it.

Like stingrays in Australia, being killed to avenge the death of Steve Irwin.
John: "I hate that guy, his friends vandalised my car. Im gonna smash his windscreen"
Pete: "Hey, no need for that, for all you know he's just a stingray in all of this."
#stingray #austrailia #prejudice #scapegoat #unfair
מאת Solid Squirrel 13 בספטמבר, 2006
An ancient Elasmobranch fish that has a long tail and a bone spike with a groove leading to a venom gland. they are found in tropical and subtropical seas, as well as the amazon river, the st john's river, and a few rivers in asia. freshwater stingrays eat mainly fish but also shellfish, but saltwater stingrays eat shellfish and occasionally fish.

in recent years stingrays have recieved a bad rep because of an unfortunate incident with conservationist Steve Irwin. Stingrays in queensland have been tortured, mutilated, and killed for this, although it is wrong and is the last thing Steve wouldve wanted. i loved Steve and was devastated when i heard he died, BUT it wasnt the Stingrays fault. the cameraman got too close to the Ray, which made it flip out, but it wasnt his fault either. it was the definition of "Wrong place, Wrong time." Anyone who kills a Ray to 'avenge' steve is a moron. Stingrays are awesome...
Stingray is the most amazing and docile creature in the sea.
#sting #ray #stingray #fish #elasmobranch
מאת TigPuff 16 ביוני, 2009
when you have anal intercourse with a girl using a condom lubed with bengay.
John gave suzy a stingray
#stingray #anal #condom #anal sex #burning
מאת Michaud68 24 בדצמבר, 2008
the thing the DID kill steve irwin :'(
a sting ray killed steve irwin
#croc hunter #crazy #australia #steve irwin #irwin
מאת gregg skomsky 4 בספטמבר, 2006
Things you can feed at Sea world that sometimes suck your hand in.
"I like dem Stingrays...!!!"

"I'll stingray your penis, if you like."
#sting #ray #stingray #stingrays #sea world
מאת Diego Rodriguez 5 באוקטובר, 2008
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