Comes From Shut The Fuck Up
Guy 1: Why are you being a pussy today?
Guy 2: STFU!
מאת Andrew Mister 18 בפברואר, 2008
Speak the fuck up
Johnny please stfu and let your opinion be known
מאת Little Bobby Tables! 2 באפריל, 2013
Save the flying unicorns!
One day I went to school and some people were protesting with signs that said "STFU." I asked them if they knew what it meant and they said it meant save the flying unicorns.
מאת Spontaneousmuffinlover 24 באפריל, 2011
share the funny umbrella.
can you please just STFU!
מאת sha_ika 21 באפריל, 2011
One would say it while losing an argument or after being insulted; usually used by french speaking canadians.

Person 1: You're lame

Person 2: STFU
מאת oqk 12 בינואר, 2011
shut the fuck up
boi 1:what does stfu mean.
Boi 2: Shut the fuck up
Boi1: why?
מאת TmacZILLA 2 בנובמבר, 2009
Save the Future Undergraduates
Help STFU! They are the our next generation's future.
מאת alilfish 27 באפריל, 2009

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