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Steve (short for Steven/Stephen) is a name associated with power and awesomeness.
An Australian male with the name Steve should be praised constantly.
Historians have noted that the name derives from a line of kings, sports stars and top blokes.
It has been noted that philosophers in the mould of Nostradamus and Albert Einstein have stated that the name Steve should be put away because it would be difficult for any young male to have such a burden placed on their shoulders.
However this theory was rebuked by the AOS (Association of Steve's) who correctly suggested that once a child is named Steve they can automatically take upon such a mantle, as with the name they are the recipient of much greatness, authority and laid-backednesss.
Parents who embed their children with this hallowed name shall receive an all round champ of a son for their knowledgeable choice.
My name is Steve
All hail Steve, the almighty

מאת Jake Marsh 23 באפריל, 2007
The most cutest, sweetest guy you will ever meet. He is also very honest, and smart. The sun of your day, and the moon of your night. Just being around him makes you forget all your troubles of the day, as he replaces it with his sweet charm. No matter what, you can always rely on him, with whatever problems it may be, or even if it's jsut to warm up your day.
"steve in the best person you will ever meet."
מאת a friend <3 18 באוגוסט, 2009
A guy that leaves an imprint on one forever. Sexually speaking after being with him it makes anyone else dull and unexciting. Can be moody and arrogant but this only adds to his magnetism. An intense person who works to hard and who needs to have more fun. Someone you would do anything for, just to see him smile.

Once you have a had a Steve you will never go back.
I love Steve with my heart and soul.
מאת booohoooluv 28 באפריל, 2010
A man of striking good looks and amazing passion. Irresistable to women on all levels. His charisma is only outmatched by his prowess in bed.
Steve is a common derivative of Stephen or Steven. Definition applies to all forms.
מאת Lobo Rio 2 בפברואר, 2010
An intelligent, sexy, well rounded guy. Can be shy at times, but is liked by mostly everyone. He is laid back, but is a natural born determined leader. He is ambitious, but is also prone to laziness. A Steve is often labeled as arrogant, but when you get to really know him, you'll find out he's just timid. Steves are nurturers, protectors, and appreciators of humanity. As lovers, Steves are intimately affectionate, passionate and intense,so make sure you fasten your seat belt! A Steve will quickly learn which buttons to press, when & where; and rapidly understand your body's language of pleasure. Steves are adored by women, and are prone to promiscuity, so unless you a person of equal wit and intelligence good luck keeping them interested! A Steve can also be very mistrusting and unforgiving of others, and to shy observers, can come off as cold-hearted and intimidating.
Wow, the guy can only be a Steve!

Wait. Here comes Steve, he'll know what to do, he always does.

"Why didn't you go out with that guy?"

"Because he's a Steve."

"Ahhh, good call you could never keep up with a Steve."

מאת sadlyincapable1234 23 בספטמבר, 2010
perfect in every way he will be the one that you compare everyone to, but they will never even come close to matching his wit, humor, intelligence or sex appeal. he is that one person, you will long for the rest of your life. someone that you will miss more and more each day.
Guy: "Heyyyy, How you doin'?"

Girl(giving the guy a once over): "Eeew, get lost you wish you were a Steve!"

If only I had a Steve in my life, it would be soooo much better.
מאת who-r-u? 27 בינואר, 2011
The name given to all those people who seem to dazzle everyone with their expert knowledge on every subject known to man. There is none that can compare to Steve. There isn't a subject on Earth that Steve hasn't mastered. There isn't a question that Steve cannot answer. One who is a remarkably intelligent individual. Steve is not allowed to participate in game shows that requires general knowledge, ie, Jeopardy. Ordinary individuals tend to feel small and insignificant in the presence of a Steve. It's only natural to feel that way because not only are Steves incredibly smart, they are all talented and quite gifted in every aspect of life, including music and fine arts. Steves also have the most incredible physique. When one meets a Steve, they have to wonder if he could possibly be real, because that kind of perfection doesn't exist among ordinary men. Steves make Greek Gods look like fat, short, bald, toothless old men. A Steve will never realize how magnificent he is because they are all very humble and modest and they are not aware of the power they possess.
A person trying to figure out a solution to an extremely difficult problem-"Where is Steve when you need him?"

In a crowded public place when a person collapses while clutching their chest, a bystander calls out, "Is there a Steve in the house, please, we need a Steve immediately!"

One who is trying to impress others by putting on airs may hear-"Who do you think you are? Steve? Not hardly."

Many people wear Superman pajamas to bed. Superman wears Steve pajamas.
מאת Steve63 11 בפברואר, 2010
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