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1. One who believes that a persons body, health, soul, money, property and rights should belonng to the state.

2. One who believes in believes in limited personal liberty, and more government control over ones life.
Because they believe that your rights are granted (and taken away) by government, rather than by the individual, a socialist is just another facist totalitarian, masquerading as a humanitarian
מאת Ed Redding 13 בינואר, 2007
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A person who thinks that the hard working people should share their paychecks with their lazy neighbors, just because they have more money. Even though they worked hard for their money, they should still give it to their neighbor who sits on their couch watching tv all day, because it wouldn't be FAIR if the hard worker had more money.

Socialists also tend to think that the hard working people should pay for their lazy neighbor to go to the hospital as well. Kind of like Barack Obama. Even though the lazy neighbor is completely useless and spent their Obama Check on beer and cigarettes, hardworking people should pay for their healthcare. The hardworking person only wants to keep their money because they're a greedy asshole, not because they worked hard for it or anything.
My neighbor gets 2000 dollars from the government every month because "his back hurts." Yet he spends his entire day out in his backyard, building a treehouse, a go-cart, and other projects. And Barack Obama wants me to pay for his healthcare now as well as his backyard projects. Fuck you, Obama, Pirate Socialist in Chief.
מאת fidutyboeiurvbyoiqeutvobieurty 22 בינואר, 2010
One who believes that the fruits of your labor belong to everyone else but you. Most favor high taxes to support a bloated nanny state that strips you of your rights in the name of security. Ironically these high taxes hurt the working man whom they champion. Advocates of this doctrine generally use rifles and rhetoric in political debates. They generally consider the US Constitiution as an obtacle to be overcome. Not to be confused with Democrats(Altough there are many similarities.)
Ivan: Hey Ted, hows it going?
Ted: Not bad, the new socialistgovernment just took my paycheck to help build a 10 mile bridge to an unpopulated island.
Ivan: You couldn't buy anything anyway, the government controlled economy doesn't produce consumer goods.
מאת Corpsegrinder 19 באוגוסט, 2007
Taking from the achievers and giving to lazy people. Keeping the populace under the government's thumb.
"We need to spread the wealth around" - Socialist Barak Obama
מאת james h. Richard 22 באוקטובר, 2008
A person who believes that giving people money will get them out of poverty, based on generalisations that all rich people and corporations and greedy, someone who believes in, ultimately limited freedom of speech and freedom of thought, and believes that some humans (government) are better than others at making decisions for everyone, although if people are truly equaly everyone would make decisions for themselves and only themselves.
Examples of Socialist states are: East Germany, Russia 1945-1989, China during Mao's regime
מאת Antisocialist 10 בפברואר, 2006
A person who rejects the notion that all people are created equal, and supports the notion that all people must BECOME equal. The socialist proposes to enforce this equal outcome on society by giving all kids the same grades in school, and by taking money from people who have earned it and handing it to people who don't like to work.

In short, a democrat.
Hillary Clinton is a socialist who wants to raise your taxes and get as much money as possible from you, and give that money to illegal immigrants so they can live as well as you. Actually, the true outcome is, you live as badly as they do.
מאת Tuna Wanda 3 ביוני, 2005
An individual or group that often denies that socialism is the intermediate step to communism. They go to great lengths to paint their Marxist agenda in terms on humanitarianism. By proposing "free" health-care for all, they deliberately deny the fact that one must pay a provider of medical services (usually through confiscatory taxes) or by conscripting doctors into being servants of the state. Further they deny that social monetary redistribution programs are take from the rich and give to the "needy" are programs based on Marxist dogma. In practice they rely on "progressive" tax structures to take larger and larger percentages from harder working and more motivated earners.

Communal social groups are the few working examples of a socialist micro society that works, but only because it is made up of like minded individuals. Cults are another example of collectivism.

Please look up the definitions from Websters cor further clarification.
Hillary and Barack's health care proposals are both socialist.
Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are based entirely on a Marxist model. Food stamps, welfare, aid for dependent children are extensions of these models. All take money from one class of individuals and spend it on another class of individuals while siphoning off the lions share to par for government employees.

מאת Steve France 30 במרץ, 2008

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