Kissing after oral sex
"Hell no dont snow ball that back to me" said Joe Blow to Betty when she came up to kiss him
מאת Jude-e 4 בדצמבר, 2001
to lie your way through a situation to reach a favorable outcome.
"I really had to snow ball my way through that interview, now I'm making 6 figures a year."
#lie #bull-shit #bullshit #snow balled #trick
מאת zorro1701e 4 בפברואר, 2009
When a man cums in someone's mouth and he spits it back into the man who cummed in his and swallows it.
We should get Kyle to jack off my cock and have him snowball it back into mine
#i #don't #know #any #other #way #to #put #it
מאת Tomek B 30 באוקטובר, 2005
Using both heroin and cocaine at the same time
You ever try a snowball?
מאת valoem 6 בפברואר, 2005
Since "ball"ing is a common slang term for having sex, it means simply having sex outside in the snow.
My lady and I had a snowball last night. I don't know if it was the chill on the backside (initially shocking, but extremely erotic for some reason), or being outdoors under the moonlight that made us so excited.
#outdoor sex #sex #extreme pleasure #very cold #exhilarating
מאת Panchoman Jr. 17 בנובמבר, 2006
when a man cums in his hand then throws it at someone.
I came in my hand then sandy walked by so i gave her a snowball.
#cum #cum face #face cum #cum launcher #cumapault #cumtacular
מאת Mario party players 28 באפריל, 2006
Being drunk enough not to notice the onset of slight freezer burn occurring while having intercourse in a snow bank.
“Melissa was put on bed rest for a week by the university doctor after Saturday night’s snow ball, I wonder how her mystery partner is doing?”
#drunk #obliterated #smashed #wasted #aniliated
מאת reginaandray 16 בפברואר, 2007
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