One of the most offensive and disgusting cousins of fucker. Often used on blogs to swear at blogtrolls. This one out swears motherfucker.
The owner of LiveJournal is a goddamned pigfucker because he likes to make it rought for people who have a real website. The fuckstain makes it hard for people to be taken seriously when they have a real website and shuns the use of e-mail
מאת UncleFossil 14 באוקטובר, 2010
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one who fucks pigs
you are a pig fucker
מאת jack 26 בדצמבר, 2003
An annoying person
"Dan is such a pigfucker!"
מאת Christy 15 בינואר, 2003
south park.... bigger longer and uncut... said by T
Terrance why did u call me a pig fucker? because u fuck pigs phillip
מאת apugs 31 ביולי, 2004
Person/persons who likes having sex with members of law enforcement.
Sheena like's to have sex with cops. She's a real pig fucker.
מאת Grimace 21 ביולי, 2003
U.S. Senator Robert Byrd is an unabashed pigfucker.
מאת Abu Gingy 25 ביוני, 2005
A person that likes to take time out of his/her day to go to the barn and fuck pigs (EX. Evan K.)
God Damn Evan, ur such a pig fucker!
מאת Anonymous 18 באפריל, 2003
A more pejoritve name for a red neck.
"Have you seen what the South Dakota state legislature has done this time?"

"Yup, those pig fuckers have done it again."
מאת romancingtrain 29 באפריל, 2006

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