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This girl is super outgoing and crazy . She seems shy at first but once you get to know her she's the most hyper person you will ever meet . She has a big heart and puts people she loves before herself and she would do anything for her friends even if she's mad at them or in a fight with them . Lyrical is the most unique person you'll meet she has such an amazing point of view and is open minded . Her name fits her so well it's weird just like her . Lyrical has been through a lot and still lives on happy she's tough and inspiring . Everyone should know a lyrical
There's no other word to describe her she's just lyrical
מאת Lyricallll babin 3 ביוני, 2014
a type of dance that is very expressive and tells a story of sorrow, hardship, or sadness.
its a very beautiful dance and is done full-out and expresses feeling through movements of the body.
songs used for lyrical have good lyrics that tell a story.
examples of lyrical songs are:
almost lover-a fine frenzy
the special two-missy higgins
dear mr. president- pink
and also some rock/emo songs like
all around me-flyleaf
that lyrical dance blew me away
מאת hln 19 במאי, 2008
Hip hop recording artist Lyrical Aka Tony S. was born on valentines day of 1989 in Mexico city, but moved to Los Angeles, California at the early age of 10. He grew up around urban city troubles that led him into a misguided lifestyle. After years of sorrow and tears, he saw the light in the middle of darkness and decided to follow it. The life changing decision transformed him to what he is today. His music is soulful,jazzy, cultural and unique. his lyrics show true intellectual poetic flow. No “bling, bling|”, no cars or drugs, he speaks about the struggles of our society with a pinch of spirituality.Born not only to be an entertainer but an artist. Lyrical takes the hip hop industry by surprise with his breakthrough message of hope and love to the masses.
Lyrical is the illest rapper out there!
מאת Dr. HIp hop man 3 באפריל, 2008
a genre of music that combines mellow rock, country, and some pop. It is the kind of music you can do lyrical dance to. It's very flowy and might have a catchy tune but usually it's not very upbeat. the less you can hear of the drums, the more likely it's lyrical.
"Iris" by the goo goo dolls is a great example of lyrical so is "imagine" by the beatles and "moon river" from Breakfast at Tiffanys.
מאת Yuen Ho 23 בנובמבר, 2005
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