Shorter version of the word later.
Well I g2g ttyl l8r!
מאת ~Ding-Dong~ 8 ביולי, 2005
commonly used my 1337 people
c ya l8r dood!
מאת John Fru 23 בנובמבר, 2003
a shorter term for later. used in chat rooms by fagots who submit to bro rape and think they're cool
-l8r gtg
-dude ur a fagot just say later
מאת Mr. A and B the C of D 28 בינואר, 2010
1)A chat expression for 'later'

2)'Later' in 1337 language
1)i gotta go...see ya l8er

2)1m 0ut...l8er d00d!
מאת Yours Truly 22 ביוני, 2004
"1337," or Leet, for "Later," commonly used in chats and instant messagers.
L8r man, talk to you tommorow.
מאת Colin Cole, the J., WA 20 ביולי, 2003
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