Huge Testicles
Boy he has Huge Testicles
מאת ArmyMechanic 3 בפברואר, 2010
Home Training- you better know how to act if yo mama was here.
Girl, when I was talkin on the phone this scrub tried to pick me up,while I was talkin to my man,I went HT on that fool!
מאת joe da man 2 ביוני, 2006
abbeviation of the phrase harsh toke, used to describe a toke on a bifta that ends in coughing.
* cough cough cough *

mate , thats a ht
מאת duck 11 בינואר, 2005
Short for Highty-Tighty, the Regimental Band of Virginia Tech and the Corps of Cadets.
Wow, those HT's march really well, especially compared to the rest of the Regiment.
מאת Anon 3 באפריל, 2005
hymen thrasher
That HT is one heck of a guy.
מאת Anonymous 5 באוגוסט, 2003
a n00by t00 sh0es
your such a ht
מאת kos 26 באוגוסט, 2003
A pro online gamer
מאת Anonymous 7 באוגוסט, 2003

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