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leave me alone
Hop off my balls, bitch!
מאת ajoe 15 בנובמבר, 2003
When someone is talking about one person to much over and over
you tell them hop off
person A: "Dis Dude Bob is nice in football, basketball, soccer, baseball he is....."

person B: "Damn Nigga Hop Off His Dick"
#hop off #get off #riding #jocing #off
מאת KoolKid34 2 באפריל, 2008
Usually said as "Hop off my dick" or "Hop off my nuts".

Meaning: Leave me alone or Don't judge me.
Jenny: Ewww, that shirt looks disgusting!
Sam: Man, whatever... Hop off!
#hop #off #my #dick #nuts
מאת tholomew.plague 26 במאי, 2010
Let loose. Leave alone, or give up.
Stephanie : No but really, I think Olando will change.
Amanda : No he won't damn Steph, Hop off.
#hop #off #give #up #hoppoff
מאת Poptart294 25 במאי, 2009
leave me alone
"Hop off my balls, bitch"
מאת ajoe 16 בנובמבר, 2003
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