yo cuz, i'm out cuz,
מאת whoelse2005 25 באוגוסט, 2003
Term short for cousin originating and used primarily by males in the black community.
"Say Cuz, you got that money you owe me?"
מאת wordisbondkid 20 בינואר, 2006
For the reason that:
you're cold cuz you did not wear your sweater
מאת a stupid bitch12345 1 בספטמבר, 2009
Cuz is a typing way of saying because . Its also used as a slang for the same word.
I killed tha mouse cuz I wanted tha cheeze.
מאת Lovelyliller 18 באפריל, 2010
when u get a throbbing tingly sensation... all around your body. makes you wanna pee. usually when thinking about people of the opposite sex, often thinking about touching him/her. or reading/watching/ or hearing about people making love. it's utterly amazing.
when he took off his shirt and went to kiss me i got cuz.

when i was reading "the notebook" the author was really descriptive about them having sex, i got cuz.
מאת eaiglgieen 21 בנובמבר, 2009
friend, buddy
what-up cuz
מאת motherfucking slogg 25 בדצמבר, 2002
short for "because" or "'cause"


other word for brother, cousin, friend, etc.
JEEZ! im so tired cuz i didnt get enough sleep last night--UGH!


yo, i ll make it, cuz
מאת watupcuz 10 במרץ, 2005
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