Act(s) that lead(s) up to and includes sexual intercourse (i.e. making out, hugging in "that way", etc.)
Is that chum chum I see in that dark corner?
מאת Mars 9 בנובמבר, 2003
Top Definition
Chum Chum is extra fat/flab that is on you're forehead. This can also be related to fat layers on the foreskin.
" Wow Harris that is a lot of Chum Chum you got there"
#forehead #fat #chum #flab #foreskin #dick cheese
מאת Tado 11 באוקטובר, 2009
Made-up word, commonly used among the Arabic youth of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it means a woman's ass, or booty or bum. Used alongside cooras}.
Wow this place is hot! We're surrounded by cooras and chumchums!
מאת kikkoman69 8 ביוני, 2004
verb. to chit chat or talk friendly with another person.
also to mingle in a crowd, to kind of suck up (brown nose) with another. Usually at awkward church functions.
"Hey, where have you been?"
"I was over there chum-chumming with the Smiths. They are so weird."
#chum chum #chum #chumming #suck up #brown nose #mingle #chat #talk
מאת toasterheadtil 16 בספטמבר, 2008
1.The female private area. 2. the dudes anal area
1."Yo i was in da yard rite and den i bent down and dis nigga tried to take my fuckin chum chums son."
#pussy #booty #ass #skins #guts
מאת Choe 26 באפריל, 2006
A funny slag term for fat people.
Did you see that chum chums finishing out the whole buffet????
#chum #chums #yoloooo #yolo #fat
מאת YOLOOOOOO!!!! 10 באפריל, 2012
fat or chubbiness
That boys gotta little chum chum on him
מאת DA BOY Nizzle 28 באפריל, 2003
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