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Generally cool person
Yea, I like him, he is so bjoy
מאת b pizzle 26 בפברואר, 2004
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Slightly nauseous, but at the same time, immensely excited. Used to describe a situation that most would view as gross or unhumorous, but which you find funny. Can also be an adjective, 'bjoyous', or 'bjoyed'.
"Man, that lady being pelted with raw fish really gave me the bjoys."
#bijoys #excited #joy #naseous #bjoy
מאת dee [reppin the MUGATU] 5 במרץ, 2008
the enlightened one
This child is bjoy
מאת b pizzle 7 במרץ, 2004
one who regulates
i am fixing to bjoy your horniness.
מאת beardlover 10 במרץ, 2004
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