I word which means someone who is attracted to members of both sexes.Being bisexual does not nessecarily mean that someone only lusts after both genders for sex but it can also be genuine love for both a male and a female.
Bisexualism is looked down upon in society because people cannot accept it,since they live by tradition and tradition states that man must be with woman and vice verse.When in reality people can do what they fucking want and noone should be able to force they're judgement and make people scared of the world because of it.
But still bisexualism is also used as a means of attention grabbing.Mainly by young teenaged girls who think it's cool to be bisexual.Though they wouldn't nessicarily make out with a girl normally,they would do it for a guy just so that they can date/fuck him.This is one of the things that makes society even more intollerable of bisexual people and I think that girls who pretend to be bisexual should be looked down upon.I mean if you can't get a damn date just get over it and stop lying to people that you're something you're not.
I myself am a bisexual teenagers and everyone thinks I do it for fucking attention.If I wanted attention I'd fake a suicide bombing or jump of a building or some crap like that.
So in conclusion:Not all bisexual people are sex addicts/attention seekers/ungodly/ or whatever society has embeded into your mind that is stereotypical and messed up.They are regualr people with a different sexual orientation.Just get over it.
Thank you.End.
Joan:You know Tiff told John she was bisexual so he would sleep with her.
Emily: But Tiff told me she'd never be bisexual
Joan:She's just doing it for the attention
Emily:I bet

Jake: Hey mom I think I like my friend Ryder,but I really like this girl Lily.Is that wrong
Mother:Not at all.(And example of an adult who can accept her child's orientation.This doesn't happen alot.]
מאת f.o.r.s.a.k.e.n.l.i.l.y 30 בינואר, 2006
A person who is emotionaly, sexually, physically and spiritually attracted to both genders. A person who also can find it hard to decide which sex to be with; but isn't someone who does it for attention, or desperation.
Me of course..
מאת Meagen 21 בינואר, 2004
some one who is attracted to both women and men. but, just because they like both doesnt make them
a) liars
b) confused
c) attention grabbers
d) whores
bisexuals deserve the same respect as gays and lesbians, because they are normal people too, you jerks! besides, wouldn't you rather have both than just one??? heh heh heh.... love bisexuals too, you losers.
she liked at both sam and eve because she was bi-sexual.
מאת saywhat211 4 באוקטובר, 2006
A person who is sexually and emotionally attracted to both women and men.

They are stereotyped in many ways, but this is the basic scientific definition. Bi-sexuality is not a single shade of grey, but is in reality a spectrum. This spectrum includes varying levels of attraction to the two sexes.
I think that bi-sexuals are evil and sinful, because I'm a closed-minded biggot.
מאת A concerned individual, 31 בינואר, 2005
Referring to bisexuality, one of the most common sexual behaviour for women AND men alike, one of the most controversial as well, especially for men. Women tend to be more honest about it, men fear to admit it cuz they're very scared to turn gay.

Bisexuality does NOT apply to:
- straight girls so lame the have to make out with other girls to get attention from men cuz they INDEED have nothing else to offer
- sex maniacs who just don't care who they fuck as long as they can fill a hole / nymphos who don't give a shit who they fuck as long as it can be frequent and with a lotta different persons
- gay men who can't accept neither acknowledge their condition yet for some reason
- weak women who'd do almost anything to keep their husband/companion/boyfriend with them and thus accept to offer a girl-on-girl sex show to them
- orgy freaks and swingers though some of them are bi
Bisexual defines:
- someone of any gender who's attracted sexually and/or emotionally to both genders alike sometimes with a preference, sometimes not (1)

Bisexuals often meet the rejection from society, except women who are often considered hotter and more interesting by men when they're bi. However, males only accept it for their wives/girlfriends as long as they can either watch or take an active part in the threesome. Bi females are often fiercely hated and dispised by Lesbians, due to their at times deceptive behaviour in matters of love interests with them (2). Gay men often befriend them and show a more comphensive attitude with Bi gals.
Bisexual women often appreciate the sensuality of females who are known for eating pussy way better than men and knowing just where to put their hands/mouth/tongue to make a woman come. They also enjoy talking to someone who understands their ways and who's happy to have a typical "gal talk". On the other hand, they like the protective demeanour of men (most of all if they desire a child), the way they make them feel complete and also (and of course!) their HUGE dicks.

Bisexual men are quite simply the male counterpart. But they will rather keep mum about their actual sex identity, just letting the close friends know and, of course, the guy they make out with. Unlike bi women with males, Bi males encounter much hate from women if they ever happen to know about their lifestyle and consider this "unmanly", even if themselves are bi (hypocrisy at its finest!)(3). Gay men may have sex interest in bi men but would rather not engage a sentimental relationship with them. Lesbians tend to ignore them.
Bi men are often fond of anal sex in all its forms (salad-tossing, butt-humping...) and are most times the giving partner. With their broadened sex knowledge, they are often known to be incredibly good in bed with women and men alike (4). More sensuous, less self-conscious, women often find their treat with them, while men would also explore some new territory. Often accept to have their anal spot stimulated, knowing this spot provides incredibly strong orgasm. Also acknowledge men suck dick better than women, just as women eat pussy better than men. Just logical!
1. My friend Dominic is a true bisexual. He has his long-time girlfriend who's also bi and he dates another guy on a regular basis.

2. Sarah , a total Lesbian, cursed at her "girlfriend" Sandy when she found out this little skank was bi and that she told her "You know, i like the way you eat my pussy, but i love it when Hakim fucks me in the ass with that enormous cock of his. He said he would enjoy doing us both. Would you mind?"

3. Woman: You know what, i'm Bisexual honey!
Man: You're bi? Cool! Me too!
Man: Well i'm bi just as you are. Is there a problem?
Woman: COCKSUCKER!! (darts off)
Man: ???????

4. Woman: OMG, I just passed the night with Lenny and he just rocked my bed! I could hardly get up this morning.
Man: Tell me about it! I had him in my room last weak and I never thought a man could make me come like this! I screamed until i was hoarse!
מאת Alrune 23 בדצמבר, 2005
In Roman times, the average man. In modern times, the average woman.
"I had a sense that Gudeau might bat from both sides of the plate." --ettercap
מאת Killing Kittens 20 ביוני, 2004
Someone who is in all ways attracted to both guys and girls. It is not because they are sex fanatics, or simply can't decide. Being bisexual is not a phase from people who haven't fully come out yet. It is as real as being straight or gay. You might have a preference over one sex, but bisexual means you can be attracted to both genders sexually, physically, and emotionally. In other words, you are fully capable of FALLING IN LOVE with them, just as a woman would fall in love with a man. It's not a circus freak thing.
Sally fucked Jack and Jill, and enjoyed them both.

I am bisexual.

מאת rockallnight123 18 ביולי, 2006
A sexual orientation which refers to the aesthetic, romantic, and sexual desire for people of either gender. Often thought to cover the range between the two extremes of homosexuality and heterosexuality on the Kinsey scale. A bisexual is not necessarily attracted to both genders equally; they may very well be more attracted to one gender than the other.

Just remember, appearances can be deceiving. Someone you think looks straight may not be; likewise someone who to you looks gay, maybe bisexual. Don’t judge people.
”Some people move in lesbian circles. I move in bisexual dodecahedrons.”- Anonymous quote on the internet.

"The bisexual is a curious creature, open to the possibility of finding a mate in either gender."
מאת OneBadAsp 21 באוקטובר, 2006
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