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County seat of Carroll County. Also happens to be heroin capital of the country. And home of the Ravens' training camp.
Also endearingly known as Westmonster.
You came to Westminster. You fell in love with Bob or Brittani. Now you're done.
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מאת kineplasty 21 בנובמבר, 2005
where hope goes to die. carroll county maryland.
are you doing anything fun tonight?

no im stuck in westminster
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מאת Zamboda 2 במרץ, 2010
A school in Atlanta. Most people are preppy and rich. Lots of people wear uggs. every day. there are some really annoying kids that go to westminster out there i.e. sixth graders with iphones and laptops, seventh graders with boyfriends, and eight graders with huge boobs, ninth graders who think they are cool, tenth graders that are dorkier than the kid in seventh grade who skipped a grade because he was to smart. They are sometimes refered to as Westmonster. Their rival school is Lovett, commonly referred to as Hateit. Westminster has a bad squash team, an okay lacrosse team, and an amazing football team. They are a Christian K-12 school. Most of the kids are republicans.
Hey man, what school do you go to? I go to Westminster!

You mean the preppy rich kid school where they are always talking about being nice and wholesome?


Cool... I go to Lovett.

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מאת sacinthebox 20 בדצמבר, 2010
A small, co-educational boarding and day school in Connecticut. Best known for the rate at which students get explelled and its once OK hockey team, on which many of the expelled students were players. Most recently
Person A: Hey man, did you hear about that hockey player from Westy that got kicked out for having sex with a prostitute while on a hockey trip?
Person B: Yeah, I did. Sucks for him, he had to go to public school.
מאת Westy 19 במרץ, 2005
A town in Carroll County, Maryland, known for being the home of some of the most right-wing people in the state yet is also the home of McDaniel College, one of the most left-wing schools in the state.
Westminster sans McDaniel is a hicktown.
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מאת StudentInMaryland 27 ביוני, 2010
(Full name: The Westminster Schools.)

An expensive K - 12 private school located in Atlanta, Georgia, US with a majority white student population. Mascot is a wildcat, and sports teams there are typically decent, as recruiting is done for every sport. Most students own cars. The school has a fair amount of Christian emphasis, and at least 50% of the students are conservatives. This school is grouped in that stereotype of rich white kid schools.
My cousin attended Westminster for school in Atlanta from 3rd to 7th grade.
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מאת jeffrey_the_snake 9 במאי, 2006
Or otherwise known as the Westminster Heimlich. When you're bangin' your woman and her K-9 comes up and licks your ass.

SLANG: "To be Westminstered"
"Dude, so my girl and I were goin' at it like jack rabbits and just as I was about to blow, Lassie decides to treat my ass like a lollie pop. As my girlfriend was laughing her ass off, I realized I had just been Westminstered!"
מאת Kelly Brunswick 16 בפברואר, 2005
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