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The female reproductive organ.
Joe inserted his Penis into Sora's vagino.

Mimi has quite the wide vagino
מאת Boshinator 3 באוקטובר, 2007
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A vagina on a guy...
Hey Phil whats going on some girl told me you had a vagino???
מאת Connor H 2 ביוני, 2008
Half strip club, half casino.
"I wanna go see some strippers!"
"I wanna hit the slot machines!"
"Lets head over to the Vagino! Problem solved!"
מאת cords 15 ביולי, 2008
A poor Italian virgin.
That guy is such a vagino.
מאת guypersnostufsads 3 בדצמבר, 2007
The male vagina
"That dudes vagino is tight"
מאת cheater234 5 ביוני, 2015

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