Twitter + MILF
You heard? Ms. Gun Ho is a TWILF!
מאת RamboDR 16 בנובמבר, 2009
Top Definition
Same as MILF, but aimed at Girls in their 20s!
I'm going out TWILF hunting!
מאת MILFBY 12 ביולי, 2009
A MILF who is active on Twitter
"Do I like Sarah Palin? Yea, she's a TWILF"
מאת hoyomonterrey 17 בנובמבר, 2009
Twins I'd like to Fuck
Those Tw.I.L.F. I could use tonight at my party
מאת Corn Julio 11 בפברואר, 2006
Twin i'd like to fuck
fuck you make me horny, you're such a twilf
מאת 1394jj 20 באפריל, 2011
Twin I'd Like to Fuck
You're such a twilf!
מאת jess94 7 במאי, 2011
A hot mom who is totally into the Twilight movie series
Look at that mom with New Moon in her hands; she's a Twilf
מאת culinary chick 20 בנובמבר, 2009
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