The source of all school violence. That and DOOM.
Kids who play Street Fighter 2 are more likely to wear trenchcoats and shoot people for no reason.
מאת Lieberman 21 באוקטובר, 2003
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1) A popular videogame series created by Capcom in 1987, which has spawned fifteen sequels, prequels, and revisions. With its trademark 6-button layout and CPS engines, the series has constantly set new standards to fighting games.

Though the series has a large variety of characters with their own unique style of play, the most popular characters have always been Ryu and Ken, because of their signature fighting style and appearances. It is also mistaken that Ryu is always the main character in the Street Fighter games, because he is the most recognizable.


Street Fighter-Originally focused around a Japanese fighter named Ryu, a student of the martial art form known as Ansatsuken(mistaken for Shotokan karate in the US). Ryu wins the first Street Fighter tournament against Sagat, when he transforms into Satsu no Hadou Ryu("Evil Ryu"), delivering a Shoryuken so powerful Sagat bears a huge scar on his chest.

Street Fighter Alpha series-A prequel to the events occured in Street Fighter 2. Composes of two main storylines: Ryu deciding whether he should accept the Satsu no Hadou that Akuma gave into or not, and the rise, fall, and ressurection of M.Bison, the leader of Shadowloo. Ryu decides to not give into Satsu no Hadou, and M.Bison is destroyed, thanks to Charlie's sacrifice by destroying Bison's source of power.

Street Fighter 2-Official storyline of Street Fighter 2 is in Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo Revival. M.Bison is revived by having his soul transferred into a new body, and he holds the second Street Fighter tournament to find strong opponents and for a new body host. While there is no real main character in SF2, it is suspected that Guile is the winner of the tournament, because while everybody's ending happens, Guile's is the only one that requires him defeating Bison, so by logic, that would make him the winner. Bison is officially killed by Akuma after the tournament.

Street Fighter 3-Storyline doesn't officially start until 2nd Impact. Gill, leader of a cult called "Illuminati" who also seems to have a really bad case of the Jesus complex, holds the 3rd Street Fighter tournament to find those worthy to be saved by Illuminati. The hero of Street Fighter 3 is Alex, who is officially the winner of the 3rd tournament. Gill declares Alex to be "the one", and pursues him thereafter.

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike-Epilogue of 2nd Impact, and currently the last Street Fighter game in the series, regarding storyline. In the style of the Alpha series, 3rd Strike shows what everyone has been up to one year after the 3rd tournament has ended. The main character is Chun-Li, who is out to search for a girl that was kidnapped by Urien.


2) Movies done by Sonny Chiba, seen recently on "Kill Bill".
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection composes of all five variations of the SF2 series, as well as Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike! WHOA MAN!!!
מאת aku 13 בספטמבר, 2004
A story about RYU's serious ego problem.
In every Street Fighter game, Ryu keeps mumbling about going on the road to being a true warrior, never mind that he has already made a punching bag out of Ken, Sagat, Akuma, and M. Bison. It's almost like this guy gets high from picking fights with people. Sheesh.
מאת hmmmm 23 בספטמבר, 2003
a kickass fighting game. The mother of all fighting games.
I love playing Street Fighter 3 because you get to smash an SUV during the bonus stage.
מאת Jake 4 באוגוסט, 2003
A custom motorcycle, made from new, used or custom-made parts, designed for high speed, light weight, fast handling and aggressive styling. Defining or identifying a streetfighter is not an exact science, but the basic requirements are buckets of attitude and a design geared firmly towards sports and racing rather than cruising.

The origins of the word are vague, but it is believed to have been in use in the UK sometime before the Streetfighters magazine branched away from its sister publication BSH. Various people have claimed that they were the first to use the word, and all have subsequently been beaten around the head with a 916 tailpiece and told to shut the feck up.
Have you seen Mad Ax's streetfighter? It's pucka bike - 750 'zuma, chopped & welded subby, cut down seat, Buell flyscreen, custom guage pod, zx6r frontend, hybrid braking system. Fahkin' mental it is, spits flames out of the stubby can, innit
מאת Ax 18 בינואר, 2005
A good fighting game series which spawned that god-awful Jean Claude Van Damme movie with the same name, and a fairly good anime series.
If I find Van Damme, I will kick his ass for ruining the Street Fighter universe with his shitty movie. What the fuck was he smoking to not only act the part of Guile, but to also make Guile the main character instead of Ryu.
מאת sarcastic 12 בספטמבר, 2003
The act of throwing a fart in someones general direction mimicking Ken and Ryu's power ball motion from the Street Fighter video game series. Yelling out "ryukin" during the act is optional, and preferred.
"Oh, that guy totally street fightered me. Gross."

"If this fart comes out now, i will totally street fighter you. be prepared."
מאת greyat15 7 במרץ, 2012
Best Video Game ever made. Yes , that means Warcraft 3, Counter Strike, Battle Field 1942, Starcraft.
I shall use Ryu in street fighter
מאת Unknown 21 באוגוסט, 2003
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