the passenger (usually female) on the back of a motorcycle.
Do I have to ride bitch again?
מאת annissa 11 ביוני, 2003
Top Definition
Sitting in-between the driver and the passenger in a vehicle or sitting behind the driver on a motorcycle.
מאת Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant 26 בספטמבר, 2003
The person forced to sit in the middle of the back seat or in between the two front seats in a two seater in a car. Usually the smallest person or only female in the group will have to ride 'bitch', so that the guys don't touch each other (irrational male homophobia)

Jim: Whos riding bitch? it'd better be Jill- 'cos i ain't sitting next to that stupid fuck Jack again.
#ride bitch #sitting bitch #back seat driver #midget #bitch
מאת i don't know who i am!! 12 באפריל, 2007
A person riding between the driver and passenger in a pickup truck. Generally an uncomfortable position in the cab, hence the name.
"Damn, I'm not riding bitch again."
מאת x 22 בינואר, 2003
Often in the back seat of a car, Sitting in the middle of 2 other people. It's rally annoying.
I'm not riding bitch again, You.
#riding bitch #middle seat #side seat #back seat #bitch riding.
מאת nazi4lifejkjk 3 בדצמבר, 2010
is when your friend calls shot gun and your stuck sitting in the middle like a bitch. there for you are riding bitch because you are the bitch.
Dude i called shot gun, No your riding bitch brother
#bitch #shot gun #b!tch #more bitch #penis
מאת adunka-derp 26 ביולי, 2011
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