A term used to explain something out of the ordinary or something that doesn't make sense. A term I hear way too often and it pisses me off more then anything. Please, If you are going to be the R word or if something is so R or whatever, just try not to say the fucking word out loud. Just keep it to yourself and I'm sure everyone around you will notice and give you points. I mean, out of all the different types of humor, I do think it is the funniest when it doesn't make sense. Although, it is not funny to say the R word, and saying the R word is not so R itself. So please. Refrain! Red light green light untill I die.
-Frank: It says I must use this word in a sentence!
Hogarth: Which word mom?
Frank: Random
Hogarth: Oh mom, my ears are on fire. Please make my bed then show me to the door.

-It would be more simple if you just put the sock next to the scotch tape and let the gerbil take care of the rest.

-Your hairbrush is full of dreams, and poison.

-Jeff: So what is with this?
Leonard: You are going to need a lot melt action up in that.
Jeff: I really can't afford this.
Leonard: You aren't a magic are you? Huh? cutie? look at that little dress, look at it.
Leonard: Ghost treaty!?
Leonard: HAHAHA!

-What's more important to you, pancakes or making progress. I mean c'mon.

-Mister Paddles has a coat HAH! and it isn't even cold. Paddles is in such trouble! What will he do? That Paddles, he's always getting himself into some unsettling situations. Yeah Paddles, I hear you. I will remove the hook. Soon Paddles. Love you Paddles. LOVE YOU!

Girl: Terry! Grandpa is mean mugging himself again. He said he would stop if you would actually use the chess set for something other than musical chairs. You know how grandpa gets.
מאת JSwan 2 באוגוסט, 2006
The new "it" word among faux-intellectuals who believe that irrelevance equals originality. In short, glorified social incompetence.
Person A: "I can't believe I got a ticket over this crap, can you believe it?"

Person B: "For real! It's hella funny though, this one police car I saw had weird-ass stickers on it."

Person A: "...what?"

Person C: "Oh Person B, you're so random -- I love it!"
מאת Marc Abrigo 19 במרץ, 2007
an incredily overused word humongous douche bags use. Usually used by people who think they are smart.
Lexi: omg! That was so random what you did right now!
phil: i will shoot you.
מאת lil snoopy 9 בדצמבר, 2009
A word meaning irrelevant or out of nowhere.

Individuals often use this word to mask nonsensical "humor".

Random is not the same as "unexpected"
Random humor is only random because it is in a context, thus making it stand out.
מאת Orcryst 5 באוקטובר, 2007
ok.theres 200 pages of definitions that agree with me.
Things considered "random" by the mindless twats of teenagers im:

-putting repeated letters at the end of words.

"Hii" "Randomm!" "Oh my godd" "Rawrr"

-Saying "rawr"

" OMG your so randomm like :D "

- Being just like every other pradictable fucker.


- Wearing Neon. >:l
מאת candycaneissocoollike 6 באוגוסט, 2009
Actually the dictionary defines random as a thing done or said without thinking of the consequences and with no definite plan or pattern. This means that many of the things dissmissed as not being random within the 9 pages of its definition on this website, are in fact random. In fact those who believe in the theory of the big bang have to acknowledge a certain degree of randomness exists in everything that humans do, simply because there is no "definite plan" and we make our own decisions. Therefore, in the context of the universe, a man taking the train on his way to work in the morning can be seen as random. In the same way as university students deciding to go to a 24 hour tesco at 6am is random as it is a decision made without thinking of any consequences.
I am writing this definition without a definite plan and i am not thinking of any consequences as it is a decision i have made on the spot. Therefore, it is to a certain extent, random.
מאת nik86 23 בדצמבר, 2005
A commonly misused Facebook album title, actually meaning a series of carefully composed photos which make the subject look more attractive than they really are.
"Here are some randoms of me in dim lighting and a push up bra."
מאת jenoduh 30 ביוני, 2009
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