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Oh, yeah! It was about damn time someone said the truth! I agree with Lobito Triste on this one folks. The Americans have a huge misconception about Puerto Ricans. They think we are like Fat Joe, or Jlo and those Newyorkricans. Puertoricans are a nice breed of people that are way more different than those ppl you see on the streets saying stuff like YO! WhAD UP DAWG? In order to understand what a puertorican is you must visit the island or meet people that actually came from the island. There's a difference between newyorkricans and Puerto Ricans (newyorkricans is how people from the island call those puerto ricans that were born and raised on the U.S. regardless of where they are) And like Lobito Triste said there are is an increasing number of Headbangers and skaters on the island. (It's rare to find that kind of puertoricans on the U.S. and I happen to be one of them thank you very much.)

Not all of us listen to reggaeton and talk with that urban accent. We can speak both spanish and English properly. I just want to say that we are a race that we have a little bit of white, indian and black blood in our veins and that's what makes us so diverse.
Not all Puerto Ricans are ghetto, that's exactly what gives the puerto ricans such a bad name. :D
מאת Unique human55 31 באוגוסט, 2005
1.One who hails from the island of Puerto Rico
2.One whose family is descended from the island of Puerto Rico
3. Any item deriving it's origin from the island of Puerto Rico
4.Any item relating to the people of Puerto Rico/Puerto Ricans

Also known as Boricua, Puerto Ricans are amongst the most bangin peeps in the world.
Joaquin's mother is Puerto Rican, while his father is from England.

I have a Puerto Rican Flag on my wall, right above my bed.

The Puerto Rican Paradeis in two hours, so don't be late.
מאת Nomamao 28 בינואר, 2004
A person from puerto rico and/or of puerto rican descent. They are Beautiful,diverse and Lively people comprised primarily of Taino, African and/or European origin.
I am of puerto rican origin.

Boy, Those puerto ricans sure are friendly.

Puerto Rican is not a race, it's an ethnic background.

The Puerto Rican culture is so spunky and Beautiful.
מאת Adamari 9 במאי, 2005
I happen to be Puerto Rican myself and I've noticed that there seems to be a lot of misconceptions about us. We're not all stupid dirty cacos like some dumbass hick would have you believe and some of us actually have real goals and lead honest lives instead of selling drugs and living off welfare.

And no, not all of us like reggaeton and have bad taste in music, a good number of us listen to a variety of music including rock(in fact there's an increasing number of headbangers and alternative types here in the island).

And we don't ALL hate the USA or Americans. Sure some do, mostly the right wingers from the separatist party hate the US but not all us, in fact, a good number of Puerto Ricans would like nothing more than to make Puerto Rico a state of the US but that's not likely to happen any time soon.
Me. Hola, Como estas?
מאת El Lobito Triste 27 במאי, 2005
A person born in the island of Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans born in the island on or after January 13, 1941 are born US citizens. Those born before that date but on or after April 11, 1899 were granted US citizenship by the Jones-Shafrat Act of 1917.

Many people who were not born in the island, feel or consider themselves Puerto Ricans because one or both of their parents were born there.
#boricuas #newricans #newyoricans #porto ricans #puertoro
מאת Salero21 11 במאי, 2009
1. a person born on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico; a person of Puerto Rican lineage living in any part of the world, especially the United States. 2. a type of Latino gene pool, considered by many to be the most mixed and diverse. 3. warriors or warrior blood that culminates beautiful, strong, powerful people.
The guy's eyes look greyish-honey. Does he wear contacts? Answer: No, he is Puerto Rican, and that is his natural eye color. Those Puerto Ricans are very proud of their culture and island; it must be because of their history, beauty, fearlessness, talents, and that damn beautiful, special island of theirs... Mommy, I wish I was Puerto Rican instead of Mexican. Why wasn't I born in Puerto Rico?
#fierceness #beauty #valor #privileged #special #sublime
מאת malvin 14 ביוני, 2007
A driving maneuver that involves the improper changing of multiple lanes from side of a highway or interstate system to the other, often times to make an exit.
Chad almost missed our exit but we pulled a Puerto Rican and made the off ramp
#driving maneuver #highway #interstate #bad driver #sunday driver.
מאת cubsruleall 17 בפברואר, 2010
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