Human perfection, a Sex God, has a beautiful voice...unfortunatly wears a purity ring.
Nick Jonas's chain is off the mother..
מאת flalallalalalaalalla 11 באוגוסט, 2007
Nicolas Jerry Jonas is the 15 year old super-mega second-to-youngest cutie of the super hot band the Jonas Brothers. He has two hot and smexy older brothers named Joseph Adam Jonas (18) and Paul Kevin Jonas II (20).
Isn't Nick Jonas so adorably cute!
מאת mrsjonasx3 9 בינואר, 2008
the biggest fag on the planet
person one: name a popular fruit

person two: Nick Jonas
מאת th3 newvoltaire 2 באוגוסט, 2010
ex. That fag is so Nick Jonas.
מאת Ilikerape 5 באוקטובר, 2009
(1) A stupid 15 year old dude who sings in a retarded bubble gum pop band with his equally stupid brothers who all need to get singing lessons

(2) A retarded singer who broke up with Miley Cyrus an equally retarded singe who sounds like a countrified rabbit
Nick Jonas sucks and needs to get singing lessons
מאת Naught M.I. Realname 28 ביוני, 2009
Fag. :D
Nick Jonas is gay. :)
מאת My ass teehee 12 במרץ, 2009
A bitch that is part of the Jonas Brothers, who will one day get caught showering with his brothers, then cut by Disney. >:)
Nick Jonas has gay orgies with his brothers.
מאת N!©H01@$ 5 ביוני, 2009

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