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A house, or "pad" built, and designed specifically for a Negro, or African American. Usually consists of 7 rooms:

1. Garage - Usually containing some crappy car with "tripped out" hub caps, a "mad" paint job, and tinted windows, or a minivan.
2. Bathroom - Usually how some cheap ass pink towels, a broken sink, and a mirror.
3. Main Room (AKA "My trippin' balls crazy mad as hell pad", or pit for short) - Has 2 or more flat screen TVs, a giant leather couch, dirty rug, industrial lamps, and a bunch of decorative crap you'd expect to see in your grandma's house, and empty KFC chicken buckets.
4. Kitchen/Dinning Room - Big ass refrigerator stocked with watermelon and chicken, tons of cabinets full of knives and guns, a microwave, an oven, a microwave oven, a stolen baby food appliance machine, an old vinyl top table taken from the church bake sale, and a buffet table.
5. Bedroom (AKA Porn Studio) - Has a mirror, bed, some little girls Barbie play set, and his closet where he keeps his cut off jeans, armless t-shirts, ripped up boxers and his "cool pair of kicks".
6. Workout Room - Usually has weights, treadmill, ex girlfriends step machine, bench press, and a padded floor, all surrounded by 4 walls completely made of mirrors.
7. Stash Room - Where the Negro keeps all of his stolen goods, ranging from little kids toys, to his stolen "bling".

This goes for all African Americans but Will Smith (White guy in disguise).
"Hey, Javon, can me, Lavon, Devon, Tevon, and Shakeela come down to your Negro Pit later on today?"
מאת Dick Woodcock Johnson 31 ביולי, 2009
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