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man titties boobs
That fat ass beside the swimming pool has big mitties.
מאת Ned 7 בדצמבר, 2003
A Bay Area high school that is a public school in the inside and a private school on the outside...or so I hear...
I do not go to Mitty High School
מאת arania 17 במאי, 2004
plain and simple... man titties.
My english teacher gots some mitties.
#moobs #man boobs #titties #tits #boobies
מאת Derek Hawkins 8 באוקטובר, 2008
another word for male tittys
my dad mittys are a size C
מאת Coconut Queen of Haiti Queen Lauren 19 באוגוסט, 2004
Mitties are the shortened version of "man titties". Often characterized by woman-like breasts that are extremely visible, mitties are one of the most disgusting and unattractive features one can have. Commonly possessed by overweight men, or those with unfortunate genes.
I went to the pool, and all the old, shirtless men had mitties.
#man boobs #mittens #man tits #mits #moobs
מאת uknomelykwo 22 בינואר, 2010
This school I go to
Yeah uh huh what now, punk?
מאת Caffine Overdose 19 באפריל, 2004
man titties. Man breasts due to being either really fat or doing roids.
That dude has some gigantic mitties. He should lay off those double quarter pounders.
#man boobs #tits #boobs #fat #ugly
מאת cc70192hs 7 בספטמבר, 2009
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