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A borough in eastern Delaware County ("Delco"). It separated form Upper Darby Township in 1893. It has its own fire company and police station. Main roads include Marshall road (borders Upper Darby), Lansdowne ave, and Baltimore pike.
The borough of lansdowne is bordered by Upper darby, Clifton Heights, Aldan (just a little),and Yeadon
מאת Grant 12 ביוני, 2004
A neighborhood in eastern Pennsylvania. It is full of hard-working middle to upper-middle class families. Also is home to a growing of young professioanls, drawm to the large old house and close-knit community feel.
I came to Lansdowne to live amoung other upper-middle class fmailies and because of the large Victorians homes, located in one of two historic districts.
מאת swimmer 25 בפברואר, 2005
The holy grail of rugby and football in Ireland, as in Lansdowne Road Stadium in Dublin.
Wasn't it great to see Roy Keane back at Lansdowne, shame he was shite though.
מאת Celt 14 ביוני, 2004
Hehe.... where do i start...... well Lansdowne is your average below average community. Filled with people from many different races, white, black, mexican, and korean. wANT DRUGS??? gO TO ANY SHOPPING CENTER usually Lansdowne plaza or go to Lake brook circle. Only community in the county that you must pass tire spikes and security gate with pigs constanly doing ride bys every 5 minutes with metal barr revolving gates to separate the monkeys( not a racist statement) from the average. Want crime we have some. lol a shooting or stabbin a week with constant survaillence of the police hellicopters making a racket at 1 in the morning shining their damn spotlight in your house and scaring the shit out of you. Other than that people are pretty normal. usually on drugs but normal. about 80 percent smoke weed. and the schools are horrible. Those poor teachers are prolly kicking thier selves in the ass for choosing that school. hehe. We are filled with wanna-be gangsters and we have a skate park to accomidate the growing number of emo kids coming into high school. Yeah Lansdownes great come on down only if you have drugs tho.... lol
#drugs #black #white #lansdowne #community
מאת WeedPhene 13 במאי, 2011
a middle-size borough in delaware county (delco) in pa. it is 10 minutes from philadelphia. it doesnt have a good school district, but is you go to st. philomena (where i went) or st. charles, you'll be fine. incorporated in 1893, it is quite possibly the best town in the entire U.S. the town symbol is the old sycamore tree that is 400 years old. there is also a neighborhoood that is lansdowne post office but is part of upper darby township.
i moved to gay as shit drexel hill and i hate it so much. i miss living in lansdowne.
#east lansdowne #upper darby #aldan #clifton heights #yeadon
מאת lilbenji 5 בינואר, 2006
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