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Dublin equivalent of Jesus.
Jaysus Anto are ye on the E Tabs.
מאת Desigol 19 בנובמבר, 2004
Elongated Jesus, used in disbelief.
Jaaaysus H ckriiiist!
מאת Kung-Fu Jesus 7 במאי, 2004
Refers to the Lord and Savior Jaysus of Urban Discordianism. According to these religous factions, Jaysus will arrive in the New World encouraging people of race and religion to praise him for no particular reason. When his ego has maxed all his well wishers will be blessed with coupons, and life changing rhetoric.

"Praise Jaysus, in heart, a pleasurous soul. May we bless him with sweets and provide him with the tree of life".
NAT 5:23

"DONT **** around with JAYSUS!"
50 Cent

"Jaysus is an honorable man to praise"
Dominic Rio, Editor, New York Times
#jesus #booty #jason #bling #blesing
מאת Webstarsdick 14 בפברואר, 2009
Someone who is a beast with sweg
That guy over there is such a jaysus
#boss #beast #jay #jaysus #jesus
מאת Qwerty poiup 21 בפברואר, 2015
to say, jesus christ without being blasphamous.
jaysus you cant say that about ms kirby phil, she mings old style.
מאת ben ross 11 בינואר, 2004
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