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interj. Exclamation of displeasure or disgust.
Hurg, I just ate an expired sandwich
מאת Pixel"#~ 18 באפריל, 2009
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verb. to hug a penis that has been inserted in ones anus using only the anal walls.
after he slid his pulsing cock into my hungry wet hole, I gave him a super tight hurg in appreciation.
מאת hurgitron's wubanub 3 ביוני, 2010
I want some hurgs Oden! <3
מאת Chuggles8 6 במרץ, 2013
hot, sexy
That cutie over there is hurgalicious.
מאת HURG 4 בפברואר, 2004
"I hurged all over him", or "I would love to hurg him"
מאת Deeps 4 בפברואר, 2004

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