Lead Singer of the multiplatnium selling band No Doubt. Notorious for her plantnium blonde hair, perfect abs, and original style. Also designs for LeSportsac and her own line, L.A.M.B. . Married Gavin Rossdale in 2002. Famous for the songs " Just A Girl ", " Don't Speak " , " Simple Kind of Life " , " Hey Baby " , and " It's My Life ".
The multi-talented Gwen Stefani designs, writes and sings.
מאת xxgeorgia 9 בנובמבר, 2004
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Lead singer in No Doubt, chose to go solo and sell out even more by trying to make crappy hip hop/pop music. Has a strange obsession with Japanese Harajuku girls, even though the real Harajuku girls in Tokyo only dress like that on the weekends because they live in a conformist country. Upon asking a few Japanese exchange students at school they said that she seems like a asshole and she is trying to build a fan base in Japan even though Japanese people don’t really care for her.
Gwen Stefani- See wapanese/Japanaphile
מאת Woogy 19 במאי, 2005
In regards to her solo career the most god awful musician. Such horrible songs as rich girl and hollaback girl. For some reason lots of people buy this crap
Person 1: lets go buy the new gwen stefani album
Person 2: no i would rather wipe my ass with that money
מאת vincentharris 2 במאי, 2005
A solo pop artist who manages to be both a wigger and a wapanese at the same time and still be loved for it.
Gwen Stefani is a platinum blonde who made a "rap" video, which she tried really hard to be ghetto in. She likes screaming "So kawaii!!!!!!" (pronouncing kawaii wrong) and getting four Japanese female lapdogs to follow her around. Why do people like this woman?
מאת Misha 5 ביולי, 2005
A pretty good example of a sellout. Gwen, the lead singer of the formerly skankin' No Doubt, decided that ska was just a fad and began cranking out horrible pop songs for MTV2 to repeat 100 times daily. Any talent that she showed off with No Doubt is completly missing here, seeing as how all she can sing about is how much her fecal matter resembles bannas. Not to mention her borderline creepy fascination with Japenese Harajuku girls.
What happened to you Gwen Stefani? Couldn't afford to fill your pool with champagne?
מאת SgtSalad 1 באוקטובר, 2005
former singer of punky/surf band No Doubt. along the line, someone told gwen she was the best thing about no doubt; she started watching their own promo videos (where pop directors concentrated on her- sex sells) and she took all that bullshit seriously. but hey, thats what cocaine does to you. now, shes living in la la land, has orientalised (see Edward W. Said 'Orientalism') japanese culture and is more of a softcore porn star than a musician.
her most recent single (of march25/05) 'rich girl' embodies notions of consumerism and excess. she is the tip on an iceberg of fat, sleaze ridden american popular culture.
"goddamnit, i wish gwen stefani would just go away. why do people in suits give people like her money to make records like that?"
מאת foetal 26 במרץ, 2005
Relating to the lead singer of rock band No Doubt, born October 3, 1969 now a solo pop phenom owning her own fashion label, L.A.M.B. She is married to fellow rocker Gavin McGregor Rossdale.
Hey look at that top...it's so Gwen Stefani
מאת Gretchen Weiners 10 בנובמבר, 2004
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