If a Genesis enters your life do not let her for anything because you will regret it in the long run. She is amazing she can easily make snyone smile. She maybe lost at times but that is what makes her the way she is. Bubble Tea give this girl vanilla chai bubble tea and she will love you forever. She will always be there for you. Always someone to make you smile even when she is not trying.

She can make any guy fall for her cause she is that good.
Always have a Genesis in your life cause you will be the most happiest person ever cause she will make sure you smile everyday and every moment of your life.
Genesis: and Brain went stomp stomp stomp
Me: Sabi your so cute

Genesis: Shh Mike

Me: you really are a genesis
מאת xbordax 17 באוקטובר, 2010
girl that are smart but are funny. they let things slip their minds and ignore things they dont want to hear.
she is such a genesis
מאת dont mess with me123 19 במרץ, 2010
1. From Latin; literally, beginning.

2. The first book of the Bible, supplying the earliest history of creation available to man.

3. Scientific term for the origin of a subject.

4. A progressive rock band starring first Peter Gabriel, and later, Phil Collins.

5. In Star Trek III:

a. An experimental device that became the bone of contention between William Shatner and Christopher Lloyd.

b. A short-lived planet named after the Genesis device.

6. A game console from Sega.
1. I started at the beginning, with the Genesis of the word Genesis.

2. You can tell that Moses compiled Genesis from a number of sources because he repeatedly started from the beginning, and retold the first 7 days in the next telling as taking place in one day, because the word day is a metaphor.

3. In reality, the Genesis of a planet requires billions of years rather than a week of literal days, as in myth, or protomatter, as in Star Trek III.

4. Whether Genesis was better with Peter or with Phil is still hotly debated. (I prefer Phil, but that's just my personal taste.)

5. a. "Give me Genesis!"

5. b. "Genesis?!? Genesis planet is forbidden!"

6. Sega Genesis.
מאת Downstrike 12 בדצמבר, 2004
The kind of person who can make you laugh so hard you cry. She is perfect in every way and is unstoppable. She is the best friend anyone could ask for and always knows what is right. (She is usually smiling, or laughing, or...bouncing)
She is very cool, sweet, and very bubbly. She is so fun to be around.
She can make any guy fall for her because she is that good.
If you have a Genesis you dont want to let her go.
There are so many words to describe a Genesis.
She is smart, beautiful, hilarious, bouncy, crazy (in a good way), fun, hot, creative, and awesome!
Dude: Ooh who's that chick

Michael: Thats Genesis

Dude: Thats totally a Genesis
מאת janiagurl 6 ביולי, 2011
A beautiful girl who is funny but can be very serious on certain topics. A very caring girl who can give great advice. She also has huge boobs and a very plump butt. All the boys want her. She is very popular. She has lots of friends. A pretty brunette.
Boy: Dammit, why can't you be more like Genesis?
Girl: I try, okay?
מאת frootloop69 1 ביוני, 2011
The best art-rock band ever...
and the lamb lies down on broadway...
מאת CatherineInRock 8 בינואר, 2004
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