A movement of whiny bitches who want to further female privilege by blaming the patriarchy and calling people misogynists.
That fat, hairy legged whale over there supports feminism.
מאת TheJaskinator 4 ביוני, 2016
Feminism is a society of retarded fucks, who feel that if they make an ad about 5 year old girls saying "fuck you" to everyone, that their cause will be supported.

Statistics show that 98% of feminists look like fucking humpback whales.
-------- Women who believe that their life is shit
Is that a whale dude? Nah bro it's just someone who takes part in feminism
מאת Fuckery Dickery 13 ביוני, 2016
Because nothing says women's empowerment like treating a woman like a piece of meat, pounding her til the condom breaks, and then hauling her off to an abortion clinic.
Feminism has done irreparable harm to women's equality.
מאת DAwGi 10 ביולי, 2016
What it used to be: "the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes."

What it is now: a way for (mostly) women, with radical ideologies, to express their hate on men. Feminists believe in "the patriarchy" (a male controlled society), which in fact, does not exist (and if it were to exist, women would still not be able to vote or do other basic things in first world countries.) Feminism used to matter in first world countries, but it is now irrelevant. There is no wage gap, and there is no bullshit like there used to be. However; feminism (the non-radical kind), is needed in third world countries. Third world countries need much more equality, and there is already enough evidence to suggest that.

TL;DR: feminism is supposed to be about equality of the sexes, but it is now about abolishing the non-existent "patriarchy".
Friend: "I'm a feminist!"
Me: "So you despise men and believe in the 'patriarchy'?"
Friend: "No...?"
Me: "Then you're not a feminist... thank the lord."

Feminism is about abolishing the non-existent patriarchy.
מאת natalieisameme 13 באוגוסט, 2016
The belief that women need to be equal to men by propagating female privileges and bashing masculinity.
College feminist: Feminism just means equality, you chauvinist pig.
Normal fucking guy: Oh yeah? How come you never talk about the courts are weighted in favour of women? How come men serve longer than women for the exact same crime? How come domestic violence and rape against men is laughed out of the room (that's REAL rape culture)? How come women get to talk up femininity and womanhood but at the same time can shove masculinity and male values into the fucking soil? If you truly gave a shit about equality (as if you cunts can actually claim the concept of equality as your own), then why have I never heard any feminist talk about these issues? Because you're too busy with your myths and fallacies like "rape culture" , the"gender pay gap", "manspreading" and "mansplaining". Face it: you're spoiled, middle-class, pretentious fucks sucking at the teat of Western civilisation, enjoying the fact that it's so much easier to be a woman by whipping up a narrative that you're in some way oppressed because your mothers were marginalised 30, maybe 20 years ago, enabling you to slice away at male rights because you're a sexist, power-hungry piece of shit. Suck a cock, you whiny bitch.
מאת KronstadtRebellion 19 בינואר, 2016
In Western society, feminism is an excuse for the shortcomings of women. Many feminists claim there is a pay wage gap between men and women, and that there is a glass ceiling that needs to be shattered. Neither of these exist in truth.

In third world countries, where women are abused and not treated as equal to men, feminism is a legitimate belief that women need to be treated equal to men. It is mostly for equal education rights among other problems. Unlike the Western version, third world feminism is actually worth fighting for.
Man or woman of western society: I need feminism because the glass ceiling is a problem that needs to be solved. As well, the pay wage gap needs to be closed, and we need to stop rape culture, etc.

Man or woman of a third world country: I need feminism because women should be treated as equals to men. Women need equal education rights as well as empowerment against abuse.
מאת Yahden 29 ביולי, 2016
Here's the problems defining feminism:

1. The definition is old as fuck and if you think the meanings of words don't change over time or vary from culture to culture then you're delusional, and using an appeal to definition fallacy.

2. Feminism is a movement, and as with all movements their goals change over time.

In short, the current dictionary definition is unreliable. Modern feminists campaign for "safe spaces" (spaces in which free speech is shit on, sometimes segregated by race and gender), an end to "man-spreading". More radicals will call for things such as national castration day and shipping of all men to concentration camps. If you identify as a feminist, and you do not believe in the false victim narratives, the concepts of patriarchy, toxic masculinity and internalised misogyny, then my question to you is why on earth would you tie yourself to a movement that by in large does. Feminism does not equal equality, it's simply a vehicle towards it; unfortunately, the vehicle bounced right off the metaphorical wall of equality and got launched so far back that the driver decided to say "fuck it" and reverse as far as they could. If you wish to be someone who believes in equality without being tied down to a movement so incompetent that they believe that the gender wage gap is down to sexism, I suggest you look into egalitarianism.
What a surprise, that teacher force feeding those young girls identity politics and a victim narrative bigger than Kim Kardashians ass is a big advocate for feminism
מאת Logicfag 1 ביולי, 2016
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