A chat board on the popular Neopets.com website.
Populated by fat, preteen scene kids who insist on complaining how much their life sucks, post pictures of their new fashion mullets (if you find one of them mildly attractive, their picture is probably stolen from someone's myspace), and discuss how awesome the latest From First to Last CD is (adding afterwards that they totally listened to them before it became cool).
Scenester 1: rate my facee, ems?
Scenester 2: omg 1000/10. i love your fob shirt.
Scenester 1: lol ily!
Scenester 1: lets talk about snakes on a plane because its trendy now.
מאת Urban Terrorist 16 באוגוסט, 2006
Top Definition
Emergency Medical Service
1. EMT's are a vital part of the EMS structure.
מאת Paul 24 בינואר, 2006
EMS stands for following things:

1. Emergency Medical Service

2. Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan

3. European Mathematical Society, Eastern Mountain Sports, Express Mail Service, Electro Medical Systems
1. EMS is a service in many countries providing acute care and transport to definitive care.

2. Stealing another Mangekyou sharingan from someone else unlocks the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

3. EMS is the abbreviation of several services and organizations.
מאת jimmybone d 30 במאי, 2008
From Neopets.com, abbreviated for Evil Things and Monster Sightings.
Lyk, I'm a vampire!
Blood Bar
My account just got frozen!
Marilon Manson Sucks!
W...P...P... people come here
מאת God_of_Obelisk a.k.a. Dragon 22 באפריל, 2005
Here are twelve rules/points on how not to be a dope. I hope you enjoy them and take them to heart.

1. First, confidence is everything. To seem worth a second of anyone on any board, you have to make yourself out to be better and more interesting than the masses.

2. Don't make threads that beg, look desperate or ask for NeoFriends. You'll only attract people as sad as you and repel people who follow to the point above, unless of course they come to your thread to make fun of you.

3. Don't act clueless unless in sarcasm. And learn how to detect sarcasm and jokes; these are skills that will save your life/reputation.

4. Know stuff. Read a book. Know basic history, math and science. It'll make you more interesting and give your comments and replies some value and depth.

5. Act nonchalant on the boards. Don't act like you give a crap about the forum rules, but follow them to keep your account from getting frozen or suspended.

6. Make sure your font and signature is pleasing to the eyes. And keep it simple, silly! Don't try to make it all dark and gloomy, without taste.

7. Don't try to be something you're not. You'll get a lot of flak if some calls you out, you poseur.

8. Don't call yourself Goth, Emo or Punk without looking up their real definitions on Wikipedia/Fourfa. You don't even have to listen to the right bands; just know them when they're mentioned.

9. Learn to type correct English. 'Nuff said.

10. When in an argument, don't role-play. That's just plain dumb.

11. Avoid arguments in general. They bring out the bad side of people.

12. If you must, learn how to pick your fights. Avoid arguing with people that follow the points above. Target those who don't.
Kobra is beautiful in the EMS, but it is debatable on whether or not he is more so than Olivia.
מאת A good EMSer 12 בינואר, 2008
Excessive Masturbatory Syndrome

When one masturbate's frequently often at a minimum of six times a day. Often times these individuals often pass up actual sex in order to masturbate.
Tamara: Hey Tom wanna go out on a date tonight and maybe get laid after?

Tom: Na it's ok I still have to EMS 3 more times tonight.
מאת MHowza 10 באוגוסט, 2014
A neoboard on the popular website neopets.com. Often filled with wannabe emos and goths and posers. If you're remotely good looking they bag on you and make you feel like a flamingo in a pigeons territory. They are against Anime and Twilight so fans beware.
if you are a fan of anime chances are you'd be called a fat crusty weeaboo
the natives dislike fat people, and anyone who want to go to japan
also EMS is highly populated with british people or people of british decent and believe they are extremely smart and believe that any education under highschool is meaningless
EMSer 1: Death Note is my favorite Anime
EMSer 2: ew get off you fat weeaboo
EMSer 3: stupid wannabe Japanese
EMSer 1: but i am Japanese look at my lookie
מאת azel9205 2 בינואר, 2009

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