The crap that bands make when they can't think of anything good. Usually reserved for the most untalented.
Even my bro can play death metal.
מאת Mikel jo 1 בדצמבר, 2005
a sad excuse for metal music makes people believe that all metal is screaming and people who wear too much black and want to cut your head off. Take the devil sign to extreme and actually worship the devil will usually have odd hair and odd faces
anything that sucks and screams alot like deatttttttttttthhhhhh is on the way YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
מאת Dusty Cherr 12 בדצמבר, 2004
A category for bands who can't sing or play their instruments very well, so they have to play them really loud and fast and scream into the mic, hoping no one will notice.
Death metal sucks large quantities of ass.
מאת King Asshat XVIII of Asshatia 19 באפריל, 2005
A form of music which should do as its name suggests and be put to death. Simply a waste of space and instruments. It's quite immature hearing about satan and killing people over and over.
Why does every song on this Cannible Corpse cd sound the same?
Because they have no talent and all they can do is bang instruments and growl about giving head to Satan.
When untalented musicians get together and make ridiculous music using drop C power chords and double bass drum rolls in attempt to show their hate for God, or the government or whatever they don't believe in.
Ex. Lamb of God, Slipknot, Slayer
מאת abbazabba 1 בינואר, 2005
the only death metal band is fucking slayer. Reign in Blood
megan likes death metal
מאת stevieg 10 בדצמבר, 2003
Scream that above line 85 times in a gruntish voice while smacking your fists randomly against the desk. Congratulations. You have now heard every Death Metal song in existence. If you are a filthy, self loathing goths who doesn't wear sports gear, only then will you 'pretend' to like this attempt at poetry. Even the so called 'fans' don't like this. They only pretend they do so they can be different but all goths are the same, they all wear makeup (Even the men which means they must be beaten up for not being heterosexual like god intended!)

Slipknot, Korn and Marilyn Manson are three of the heaviest Death Metal bands. I heard them once and my ears nearly exploded. The noise in the background are created by 'guitars' and 'drums'. There isn't a single DJ mixing a beat or any lyrics about banging ya ho. It's all "DIE, DIE DIE, I HATE MYSELF! I am goth, grrr, I worship Satan and hate God even though he created me just like my parents who I also hate." You don't hear Eminem whining like that do you?

Rock and Metal are a wasteland of yobs pulling strings on wooden blocks and bashing trashcans in a vain attempt to create art. Anyone can become a vulgar rockstar. Chingy is too good for instruments and instead used his beautiful flow to tell a story from the streets. Chingy doesn't scream because he isn't angry even though he lived on the streets and those rich, white lads just didn't get their $500 allowance one week because they crashed their dad's BMW.

My friend is an idiot, he thinks bands exist outside of MTV yet MTV plays all the music variety in the world so I know he is a liar and I hit him for being a goth. I hate goths. All goth music sucks and anyone that listens to it must die! I'll stick with Nelly, 50 cent and Bauhaus instead of your screaming, self loathing, hatefilled, racist, homophobic, faggot, goth crap.
The only good heavy metal band is Limp Bizkit. Death Metal like Slipknot sucks because it isn't rap. I bet you idiots like classical too like all the other goth idiots at my school. I bet you're going to go to...ha *smirk* for even more education. I'm nearly out of school! I don't want more education! I'm getting a job at McDonalds. I know that has nothing to do with defining Death Metal but most people here don't define the term and just argue and being a rap fan I do what is cool because I know what is 'in' and goth music is so 'out'.
מאת Real Gangsta in da House 11 ביולי, 2005

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