The Sexy Awesome Gangsta Mexican Nigga!!!

My Sister From Another Mister

Dont Fuck With her shes my best friend Shell kick Ur ass

The Chick That lives Up the street

My bestest Friend In Da Whole Wide freekin world

Likes Birthday sex ;) (not with you T so hop off)
Kayla:"Heyy, Its Cynthia Shes A Fuckin Gangster Lets Go chill On The porch"
Marie:"K Kool"
Kayla:"Oh Shit Its T the Rapist That Loves Sexy Mexican 8th Grade Girls!"

Kayla:(Pulls Out Gun)

Marie:"We Should Probably Get Someone To Clean This Up"
Kayla:"Naw Lets make Some Kool-Aid First:)"
מאת HustlaMutherFucker 2 בספטמבר, 2010
A slut who will take your man and show her boobsbto anyone
Look at Cynthia

She's such a whore
מאת Kateskate88 27 בפברואר, 2015
a yellow burmese person who likes banawwwnas
מאת banaaawnas 8 במרץ, 2010

Get a clue about Cynthia Stew! Shes a nice girl who cares about her mom and friends, sometimes she wets the bed but we all do now and then! jk ! Cynthia Stew usually has a beer backpack, and is neither punk or prep. She has gotten her braces off and is not afraid to show an ultra white smile. Sometimes her and shake it brother will go out and then hate eachother. She is German, and when you have a German friend, you have a friend for life!
1. Cynthia has my back

2. Cynthia is Gangster Bitch Barbie

3. Cynthia wants to roll with the G-Unit crew

4. Cynthia is a loyal friend to the end!

5. :-*
מאת Bobby Ruoc 6 ביוני, 2005
Cynthias are naturally beautiful human beings (usually blonde) and possess very sweet personalities, but won't take your shit. They are very athletic and dabble in a variety of sports, such as dirt biking, softball and gymnastics. Unfortunately, their talents cause them to be singled out by their coaches, who are bitchy, worthless, jealous pieces of horse shit. In relationships, Cynthias usually wear the pants (leggings with a thong underneath actually) and have their boyfriends coming back for more, even after the relationship is over. Cynthias always have a lot of food, but hate sharing. As a result, they have to fart a lot, and never fail to announce when they do.
Guy 1: Wow, check out that girl's ass; you can't even see the lining of her panties underneath!

Guy 2: Yeah dude that's Cynthia. She is one classy betch.
מאת Mojomofo 7 ביוני, 2016
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