A prescription sleep aid--- or otherwise known as the blissful little gateway to dreamland. But you can deter from sleep and just stay awake you get this funky floaty blissful high.
If you stay awake--all of sudden you feel like your floating or in a gently rocking boat and all the little worries of the day get washed out to sea. And wow, I'd rather stay awake to enjoy a worry free moment. How unique and wonderful.(eh, right, can you tell I'm on Ambien right now?) The doctor didn't tell me about this little "getting high" detour option. And I don't even have to take the whole 10mg as that actually knocks me on my face less bliss time before sleep.

when I take 5mg, I can stay awake easier and enjoy it.

Reminds me of having a very big glass of wine, or a mellow high from a joint.
מאת HeavyLids 7 ביוני, 2011
The drug pharmocuetically created to allow persons of insomnia to be able to go to sleep. If you don't close your eyes and let sleep take you, you will feel a bit tingly and start hallucinating. Words on computer screens move around and change depth, similar to the breathing of shrooms but without the intense high shrooms gives. It certainly makes everything trippy.
Hey dude, just popped 30 mg of ambien. Everything's flying around me and people keep coming and going!!! -- Tales of a white male.
מאת Ambient Tranquility 15 בפברואר, 2010
A drug that song writers will take in large amounts and "dream a song"
i dont know how to make an example of that....cause im trashed out on ambien now
מאת MEtheteapot 26 ביולי, 2009
A hypnotic drug used in treatment for short-term insomnia, also known as Zolpidem. It is not addictive, but if taken for a long time can lead to dependence. beyond 10 milligrams (one pill), ambien gains hallucinogenic properties, the trip usually lasts 3-5 hours depending on how much has been taken. During the trip, one should expect to experience at least some of the following effects:

Fairly powerful euphoria.
Out-of-body experiences.
Difficulty with recognizing people.
Seeing illusions such as someone being beside you thats really not.
Intensified senses such as hearing.
Everything around the user begins to warp and distort.
Ambien is easy to obtain from a doctor for sleeping problems. The effects from ambien usually begin to take effect 10-15 minutes after ingestion. Beware that while ambien can provide a good trip, taking too much (beyond 400 mg) can kill you.
מאת reddevilspal 8 בנובמבר, 2008
A prescription medication writers take so they'll have something to write about in the morning.
"Like all great writers with insomnia, I took my Ambien last night, with a slug of booze, 'cause I'm a writer, and drinking is required for writers, and suddenly my mind was tripping out and you won't believe the wild tale that unfolded..."
מאת waterbucks 13 באוגוסט, 2008
Ambien is supposedly a sedative/hypnotic medication supposed to be used and useful for sleeping longer, more soundly, more easily, etc. However, most adolescents, college-age students and the like, can fight the sedation quite easily, and the high is awesome. Some deal with slightly dramatized hallucinations. Everyone on their daytime ambien binge can angree that they're chilled out and horny as shit.
FUCK YEAH, I just popped three ambien and I'm all high. This is the best! I'm zoning out, all chill; where is that chick...maybe she wants some? Word...
מאת Arieh 31 במאי, 2007
A little white prescription pill that can blow your mind if you don't fall asleep before they kick in. Because they are hypnotic it will be quite the show indeed, when you are awake and on ambien
It's like riding a roller coaster through a tunnel filled with sleeping gas! After taking just over20 mg Ambien.
מאת Klox 27 ביולי, 2010

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