An emoticon in which the character appears to be winking and licking his or her lips.
"Damn you look tasty. ;d"
מאת Pothedd 5 בנובמבר, 2011
Top Definition
the winking equivalent to :D
what's going on? ;D
מאת tookewl 27 בדצמבר, 2003
A fun way of expressing joy and happiness. Used when excited by a situation or person.
מאת 42ftw 30 באפריל, 2011
adj. horny, one who is demonstrating their state of horniness.
I am very ];d.
Are you ];d?
מאת Jacobuz212 13 בפברואר, 2007
A face commonly used by a Pedobear. If someone *purposefully* makes this face, run for your life. DON'T LET THE PEDOBEARS GET YOU!
Person: I'm babysitting. Any ideas of what to do with these little brats?
Pedobear: Throw them in mah dungeon to be tortured ;D
מאת zahrathetraquerofthehobbit 17 בדצמבר, 2010
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