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A website in which you can chat with a complete stranger from anywhere around the world at any time of the day. You are you and stranger is stranger. No info need be shared. Nevertheless, "ASL?" (age, sex, location) is the first question "stranger" asks you (unless the first thing asked is "horny?"). Expect to be approached 5/10 times by a guy who has so much sexual tension inside him that he has resorted to this website. 4/10 times, you will be approached by either someone from India, Indonesia, Korea, or any other oriental Asian country. Usually, these people are either sexualy frustrated or are just strange. Thankfully, the "disconnect" button comes in handy at this time. Finally, 1/10 times, you will encounter someone who seems pretty normal. You talk a little, exchange some info, and maybe even go on to chat through a webcam, a recent feauture omegle has to offer.

Overall, it's a pretty cool website and is great when you are bored or just want to talk and meet people. Some, however, take it to the next level and actually continue to communicate with "stranger," whomever that may be, through Facebook, or even find themselves actually meeting this person. Sure, there is a chance this person could be normal, but don't be dismayed when Chris Hanson is the face of the 16 year old hotie you thought you were talking to.

So, omegle is just for fun. Keep it to "you" and "stranger." No more.
How a typical chat may play out on omegle.com:

Stranger: Hi :)
You: Hey =)
Stranger: asl??
You: 19 male California. you?
Stranger: 16 female California :) where in cali?
You: LA area. you?
Stranger: OMG! SAME! If you don't mind me asking, what's your name?
You: hahaha
You: Bernie Lion. You?
Stranger: Veronica Henke :) do you have a webcam?
You: Yeah :)
מאת judysequoia 29 בנובמבר, 2010
When you see a really hot guy who's too good to be true, and then he opens his mouth to reveal the most unattractive, unexpected voice you've ever heard.
"If he would just not open his mouth, he would be a god."
"Why? Is he rude or something?"
"Nope. He just has major DBS...."
"What's DBS? A disease? STD?!?!"
"No...it's David Beckham Syndrome...he has a really unattractive voice."
מאת judysequoia 27 בנובמבר, 2011
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