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some one on youtube who writes a stupid pointless comment with the goal to recieve pointless 'thumbs up' ratings
21 people the the 'dislike' button was the 'dis i like' button

like if ***** sent you

two examples of thumb whores at work
מאת jadenator1987 1 באוגוסט, 2011
Someone who spams your social networking site statuses and posts with 'likes'
Paul you are such a like whore you like everything that i have ever posted.
מאת jadenator1987 1 באוגוסט, 2011
A pearl ring is created when, whilst during sex, at the moment just before ejaculation, the person doing the sex withdraws his penis and glazes the womans anus.
I'm going to make soo many pearl rings this year !
מאת jadenator1987 7 באוגוסט, 2011
The state of being tanned to the point where you feel that your strength,virility and raw sexual potency have been drastically improved. A true power tan owner is out at every opportunity soaking up much needed rays and if the weather not permitting, is taking advantage of synthetic sources of sunlight.
I went beach sunned it up for a whole day then went to the gym and i was a beast... Do you kno why?

No I have no idea...

Because of my power tan!
מאת jadenator1987 2 באוגוסט, 2011
The name of the effect the sun has on people with fair skin who instead of burning, have freckled more... As the 'stripe' has similar effects of the power tan ( causes great boosts in confidence, strength and virility ) it is reffered to as a power tiger stripe...
1- Holy shit i've burnt instead of tanning

2- You havn't burnt you're now the proud owner of a power tiger stripe

1- Yaaaaay!
מאת jadenator1987 7 באוגוסט, 2011
The art of excessively playing any of the Call of Duty titles to the point where you are pure beast at the game.
Jaden you have been Pounding COD like a warrior these past few days. your like a noob killing COD beast
מאת jadenator1987 2 באוגוסט, 2011
an alternative word to describe female genitals
That girls fi fi is pretty sumptious looking

That fi fi looks good wonder if it's edible

Laura show me your fi fi
מאת jadenator1987 30 ביולי, 2011
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