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(hip-stur) n. A 20 something white, upper-middle class suburban transplant to any gentrifying neighborhood in any major city, but Brooklyn, NY in particular. Disheveled, hand-me-down appearance to present the image that they are not a slave to trends or fashions(ha!) They typically wear thick, Andy Warhol-like glasses (whether they need them or not), unshaven, unkept shaggy hair and retro Converse sneakers sometimes with no laces. The term is often used as a pejorative considering a "hipster" detests being called a "hipster."
Williamsburg, Brooklyn is now a hipster neighborhood.
מאת bkog 11 בינואר, 2010
(hah-gee) n. offensive slang; disparaging term for arabs, especially those of Islamic faith. First used by US military forces during the early stages of 2003 Iraq invasion.
Too many Hajis moving into this town.
מאת BKOG 11 בינואר, 2010
A person (usually in their 20s) that moves from suburban/ rural America to any major city. Generally, these people are running away from or ashamed of their pasts and seeking to fruitlessly reinvent themselves and adhere to every possible perceived "trendy urban" stereotype ( e.g. In NYC, dressed head-to-toe in black, toting a "Manhattan Portage" bag, expensive sunglasses, etc.) making them extremely easy to spot. The phony "city" act is most obnoxious when the "transplant" has friends from their hometown visiting or they are back in their real hometown visiting.
The transplants look to live near busy avenues that offer some sort of social scene, bars, cafes, restaurants, etc.
מאת BKOG 10 בינואר, 2010
(sit-ee gurl) n. A term generally used by delusional, suburban/rural females that have moved to any major city to describe themselves mostly due to the fact that they are ashamed of and/or running away from their past. Its obvious usage is for self-convincing and/or to impress the people they grew-up with in suburbia. Those that use this term are also quick to respond "the city" when asked where they are from. -note: When asking that question and given that answer, it should be quickly followed up with: "Wow, really? Where'd you go to high school?"
Jen is from Pennsyltucky, but she really embarrasses herself with that BS citygirl act.
מאת BKOG 23 בינואר, 2010
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