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The latest trend amongst misguided females in which a video vixen/aspiring "model" performs sexual favors for numerous entertainers (read: rappers and athletes) with the sole intention of later making the aforementioned sexual activity public knowledge in hopes of scoring a tell-all book deal and/or photo spread in King magazine - a feat that was both pioneered and perfected by Karrine "Superhead" Steffans.
Person 1: Have you seen the video of Kat Stacks putting Soulja Boy's coke habit on blast.

Person 2: Yeah man, the Superhead fallout continues... 
#rappers #sex #video vixen #bad decision #ambition
מאת Pistol Palin 31 באוגוסט, 2010
The period following a nap (and/or prolonged stint away from the internet) during which a social networking addict catches up on everything they've 'missed' on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and the like while they were asleep.
Normal Person: Hey call me when you wake up, maybe we can grab a bite.

Social Networking Addict: no can do, I've got a post nap cram session planned for right after I wake up.

NP: You're such a loser
#facebook #twitter #loser #internet #lame
מאת Pistol Palin 31 באוגוסט, 2010
A condition many Twitter addicts suffer from when greeted with the fail whale upon attempting to login. Symptoms often include: sudden anger, repetitive mouse-clicking, and excessive screen refreshing with a computer-zombie-esque fervor. 
Mom: Stacy, dinner's almost ready.

Stacy: Fuck off Mom!!!

Father to mother: Don't worry babe, it's just the tweet deprivation, once she's able to find out what @justinbieber's #favoritepizzatopping is she'll be fine

Mother: *blank stare*
#social networking #addiction #twitter #anger #tweet
מאת Pistol Palin 31 באוגוסט, 2010
A condition - generally found in, but not limited to, suburban teenagers - under which, afflicted persons deprive themselves of sleep in favor of repeatedly refreshing ones Facebook 'News Feed' in hopes and/or anticipation of a new 'Status Update' or 'Wall Post' from ones friends.
David: Jesus Christ! Becky, you look like shit.
Becky: Yeah I had a killer case of Facebook insomnia, didn't get to bed til 6 AM
David: Get a life, Becky.
#facebook #insomnia #loser #lame #internet
מאת Pistol Palin 31 באוגוסט, 2010
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