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Rac-also known as Rock against communism Is a racially socially & politically conciouns form Of oi! music
Rac is the only music that speaks To the White working class Youth
מאת NLR718 3 ביוני, 2006

usually used by persons who have little or no True latin orgins such as mestizos,mulattos,indians,quadrons and blacks living in south american the carribean and united state.probably taken from the spanish word ladino used in the late middel ages To describe someone for mixed races. latin comes from latni a tribe in northern Italy that latter became the Romans who collinized Italy,France,Spain,Portugal,Romania giving them off shoots of the latin language, people in south america who where conqured by people who where conqured latins/latinos does not them they latino

Ignorant muds call them selfs latins/latinos
מאת NLR718 5 ביוני, 2006
A nigger rican is a Puerto Rican with strong Afro features also a Non-Black puerto rican who thinks they are black and has picked up speach,behaviors and addituides from afro-americans from living in the same comunity
sammy sosa and rosie prez are nigger rican
מאת NLR718 18 ביוני, 2006
A turm that was coined By the America oi! band the anti-heros with their song hatedge. Hatedge is also a White street gang that was formed In new Yorks Tomkins square park on the lower east side In 1991
Hatedge has made New York's 9th precent's gang files back in the mid 1990's
מאת NLR718 5 ביוני, 2006
A turm used To demasulate a White man By inplying that other races of men are men and whites are boys!
Any White man who allows Him self to be called a white Boy by so called friends or associates is week and lacks self esteam and deserves exploitaion
מאת NLR718 3 ביוני, 2006

In new york most of the prisons are in the northern part of the state so when someone says up north they are usually talking about prison. the turm did not come from hip hop it was in exsitance long before hip hop. up north can also mean upstate new york anywhere above westchester county

my boy jim just came home he was up north for 8 years in attica,fishkill and comstock
מאת NLR718 15 ביולי, 2006
a white street gang from the lower east side of new york city that started In tomkins square park in the summer of 1991
Hatedge-a drug gang that committed many random acts of violance on the lower east side.
מאת NLR718 2 ביוני, 2006

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